Exams and Average Score

There are two kinds of exams in the preparation program. These exams which all students in each level have to take during the academic year are as follows:

• Monthly exams held 6 times per academic year

• Announced Quizzes held 4 times per academic year and unannounced pop quizzes held 10 times per academic year

• Presentations performed 2 times and writing portfolio checks done 2 times per academic year

In addition to these, students are given Oral Grades each semester based on their participation to the lessons, homework they do, their in-class behavior, lesson materials they bring regularly to the class and online activities they need to complete (if any). Oral Grade constitutes 5% of the Yearly Achievement Score and its proportion in the average score is the same as one quiz.

In order for our students to complete the preparation class successfully, their Year-end Achievement Score must be at least 60 or above. Year-end Achievement Score is calculated by adding the 60% of the Yearly Achievement Score to the 40% of the Final Exam Score.

Students whose yearly achievement score is 60 or above take the Final Exam in order to successfully complete the preparation program. Minimum passing score in this exam is 50. Students who cannot take this score from the exam are deemed unsuccessful even if their year-end achievement score adds up to 60 or more.

Objections to the Exam Results and Submitting a Health Report

Students have the right to object to the results of the exams conducted during the academic year in the case of any probable errors in fact. In such a situation, the students should submit a petition of objection to the Student Affairs Office within 7 days following the announcement of the exam results.

If the students fail to take the exam in the event of a health issue, they may have the right to take a make-up exam provided that they submit a health report. For the health report to be effective, it should be issued by an official healthcare institution and it should be submitted to the Student Affairs Office alongside a petition within 3 days following the exam date.

Make-up exams only substitute the Monthly Exams and the Final Exam. Quizzes and the Classroom Performance Grade (CPG) cannot be substituted with a make-up exam.

Date and venue of the make-up exams are announced in our school’s website at the end of each semester.


MONTHLY (%60) QUIZ (%30) CPG (%10)
Monthly Exam I Main Course Quiz I Oral Grade I
Monthly Exam II Main Course Quiz II Oral Grade II
Monthly Exam III Main Course Quiz III (Total scores of all 5 Pop Quizzes done in the Fall Semester) Presentation I
Monthly Exam IV Main Course Quiz IV Presentation II
Monthly Exam V Main Course Quiz V Writing File I
Monthly Exam VI Main Course Quiz VI (Total scores of all 5 Pop Quizzes done in the Fall Semester) Writing File II