The textbook includes techniques for reading skills, reading texts and different questions oriented towards reading skills. The main objective is to make students obtain the ability to understand what they read in the target language and have them like the language. Taking students’ levels of English and interests into consideration, reading texts are compiled and used in the light of new approaches and methods and by our instructors’ guidance, students participate in lessons effectively in group and pair works. In this way, students will develop their reading skills and use new words and structures which they learn in the course.


The aim of speaking which is one of the productive skills in language is to use each structure and vocabulary they learn in daily life. The speaking booklet prepared for this purpose is the result of a very careful research of speaking, listening, comprehension and visual materials.


The aim of writing course is to obtain the writing ability by learning how to plan, write and finally develop what they write. For this purpose, writing course program and course book including academic writing rules are prepared in order to help students use writing skills both at school and in their careers in the future. The writing booklet is the result of a very careful and detailed study and it starts with teaching different kinds of paragraphs, sample compositions, plans and solutions, essays, different kinds of transition signals, connectors, conjunctions, etc.


So as to participate in the final exam, a student needs to have at least 60 points as success average during the year and this point is acquired by adding 60 % of monthly exams, 30 % of quizzes, 10 % of CPG (classroom performance grade). If students cannot get enough points at the end of the semester, they cannot participate in take the exam, but they can enroll in summer school if they do not fail because of absenteeism. In order to pass the preparatory school successfully, students who have achieved getting 60 points and more as success average during the year need to take get at least 60 points from the final exam. If they cannot, they can enroll in summer school and if they take get 60 points after summer school, they can pass the preparatory school successfully. Students cannot participate in the final exam and enroll in summer school if they fail because of absenteeism. They can only have the right to take the placement test that will be carried out administered at the beginning of the next academic year.