The lesson labeled ‘Integrated Skills’ in our preparation program, is designed to enable students to use language in academic and non-academic contexts by improving their reading, listening, speaking, writing and comprehension skills alongside their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.

Students’ critical and analytical thinking skills that are required for them to become independent learners are also improved with the help of guidance and intensive exercises.

Students who will be able to understand what they read and write efficiently at the end of the lessons, which are supported with grammar and vocabulary exercises to increase their self-confidence and competency in making use of their reading and writing skills, will become competent in evaluating, analyzing and synthesizing information thanks to the critical thinking skills they have acquired here.

Students are enabled to communicate effectively in English and understand what they hear with the help of the activities done with audial and visual materials and they can also improve their pronunciation, speaking, discussion and presentation skills through these activities.

At the end of the preparation program prepared with a holistic approach, students will be able to use written and verbal language competently and they will be able to communicate in English fluently and effectively.