Student Affairs

Fall Semester registrations for the students who meet the requirements of the Institute Senate are managed by the IZTECH Registrar’s Office within the registration dates of the Academic Calendar and also in accordance with the test score of The Council of Higher Education (YÖK).

Spring Semester registration, official scholarship announcements, student proficiency certification, petition acceptance, and all student problems are managed by the School of Foreign Languages Registrar’s Office for those beginning their education at School of Foreign Languages after the Fall registration.

İzmir Institute of Technology was founded in 1992 and our primary aim is to train scientists for the basic science and engineering departments. English is the medium of instruction at IZTECH.  It is a requirement for all undergraduate and graduate students to have knowledge of academic English. The Department of Foreign Languages was established for the purpose of training undergraduates and graduates in English and has been responsible for this  since 1996-1997 academic year in cooperation with the Rectorate.

The educational process for the School of Foreign Languages can be summed up as: Registered undergraduate and graduate students are first taken to the Placement Test. Students who meet the requirements of the Foreign Languages Preparatory School Regulation are exempt from the preparatory education and they start their education in their respective departments. Those who cannot meet the requirements are placed into suitable levels according to their Placement Test scores and they have a one-year English education.


According to the information in the Student Guidance Book and principles of the Preparatory School Regulations; examinations, all kind of excuses, health reports, registration freezing, attendance, petition acceptance are processed by the School of Foreign Languages Registrar’s Office.

Petition application for registration freezing and exemptions with a document are processed by the Prep School Registrar’s Office at the beginning of the semester.

Petitions for preparation students : Petition for the SFL Certificate of Achievement

Petition for Registration Freeze

Petition forObjection to Exam Results

Petition for Exemption