The registration process for the Fall Semester of students who meet the registration conditions determined by the University Senate, according to the Higher Education Council and the Student Selection and Placement Center exam results, is conducted by Registrar’s Office of our Institute within the definite registration dates specified in the Academic Calendar.

Students who complete the definitive registration procedures for the Fall Semester and start English Preparatory education at the School of Foreign Languages based on the results of the Proficiency Determination Exam held in September are managed by the Student Affairs Office of the School of Foreign Languages for all matters related to the preparatory class, including the issuance of student achievement certificates and the acceptance of petitions, as well as addressing the students’ concerns. Other procedures outside of these are conducted by the Registrar’s Office.

Founded in 1992, Izmir Institute of Technology (IZTECH) aims to contribute to the training of scientists in the fundamental fields of science and engineering needed in our country. The medium of instruction at IZTECH is English. This requires all students who will continue their education in undergraduate and graduate programs to have academic proficiency in a foreign language.

Established to meet this requirement of students, the Department of Foreign Languages has been providing academic-level English education to undergraduate and graduate students registered at the Institute since the academic year 1996-1997, operating as a unit under the Institute Rectorate.

The education and training processes related to the School of Foreign Languages can be summarized as follows: Undergraduate and graduate students who register with the institute are first admitted to the English Proficiency Exam (EPE). Information about the English Proficiency exams (EPE) is announced on our website before the exams in the announcements section. Exams conducted during the preparatory class within the 1-year period are detailed in the SFL booklet published annually.

Students who meet the conditions specified in the Foreign Languages Preparatory School Regulations are exempt from English preparatory training and begin their education in the program they have enrolled in. Students who do not meet the specified conditions are placed in courses appropriate to their proficiency level based on the scores they achieve in the exam and receive English education for one year.