Student Affairs Office


The Student Affairs Office of the School of Foreign Languages consists of the Basic English Department Secretary and the Modern Languages Department Secretary.

Basic English Department Secretary: Ali ARICI 0-232-7506406 (Preparatory Class)

Basic English Department Secretary: Ahmet ÇOBAN 0-232-7506406 (Preparatory Class)

Modern Languages Department Secretary: Gamze YUNUS 0-232-7506418 (Japanese and Faculty ENG-coded courses)

E-mail address for students:

The Preparatory Class Regulation and the principles of the IZTECH undergraduate education and training regulations are followed in the Student Affairs Office, where processes such as exams, excuses, medical reports, study suspensions, attendance, and petition applications are carried out.

Student Affairs service inventory : Student Affairs Service Inventory


In accordance with School of Foreign Languages Regulation of Prep. Class principals; acceptance procedures of exams, excuses, medical reports, study suspensions, attendance records, petitioning are carried out.

Phone : Ali ARICI 0-232- 7506406

Phone : Ahmet ÇOBAN 0-232-7506406

Phone : Gamze YUNUS 0-232-7506418

Mail address for the students