IZTECH Prep School Students put emphasis on environmental awareness by posters they have created.


Proficiency Exam: This exam is held to determine whether or not the students qualify to continue as a freshman.

English Proficiency exam will take place at 10.00 on September 11, 2014.

Placement Exam: This exam is held to determine the prep class students’ language level and to place them into the right groups.


The information on Proficiency Exam and Placement Exam will be announced on the official web page of SFL.


Summer school students can download mock exam from here in order to test themselves prior to the final exam. (Audio File and Answer Key included.)


You may reach the “Exam Principles” for the Summer School Final Exam to be held on 03 Septemberl 2014 from here. Pairs that will be arranged for the speaking exam will be announced on our website on a later date.


Summer school Final Exam will be held on 2-3 September 2014. Speaking exam will be on 2 September, and written exam on 3 September.  Exam principles will be announced on our website  on a later date.


Reaction-Response Essay Take-home Exam : ENG-102-Midterm-II


The undergraduate students who couldn’t take the exams in summer school have to hand in their documents to SFL.


Dear students;

To download the sample proficiency exam, please click here.

To download Exam Principles, please click here.




Our distinguished students can reach useful website list for their English studies from here.