IZTECH Prep School Students put emphasis on environmental awareness by posters they have created.


Proficieny Exam will be held on July 15,2015. Exam venue will be announced later on our website.

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July Proficieny Exam  can be taken by all the undergraduate and graduate students registered SFL and performing the attendance obligation, undergraduate and graduate students who complete their education in maximum time and have the pending student status, students who are on leave for one year for various reasons, graduate students who fail in January Proficiency Exam, and newly registered graduate students at IZTECH.


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To the attention of Prep students;

Please click here for resit exam results.



To the attention of Prep students;

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To the attention of Prep Students,

The Final Exam which is supposed to take place on June 05, 2015 (Friday) is postponed to June 10, 2015 according to the
decision of Council of Higher Education (YÖK), which was taken on May 29, 2015.

Speaking Part of the Final Exam will take place June 3-4, 2015. 

Please click here for  the updated Final Exam Principles. 

Please click here for the updated Exam Date and Venue of the Speaking Part.

(NEW) Please click here for the students who will be able to take the Final Exam. 

(NEW) Please click here for the Exam Date and Venue of Final Exam which will be held on June, 10, 2015.

Please be informed accordingly.


You may reach the Student Handbook from here.

the audio and e-books

Dear Students;

By following the steps below, you can access the audio and e-books in the database of our library.

1. IZTECH Main Page

2. Library

3. Databases

4. IZTECH Digital Library (OverDrive)


Library ID: TC Kimlik No.



Exam Calendar

To the attention of Prep students;

**Please click here for the 2014- 2015 Academic Year Exam Calendar.

(** Please note that the exam calendar, which has already been published, is a pro-forma version. Thus, the School Administration is entitled to amend it at any time deemed necessary. Should any amendment be made, the updated version will be shared.)


Dear students,

To download the Sample Proficiency Exam-2, please click here.


Dear students;

To download the new sample proficiency exam, please click here.