Exemption from Prep. School for Undergraduate and Graduate Programs Students


Undergraduate and graduate students Preparatory class exemption conditions information /Exemption from Preparatory School.

Senate decision regarding the registration procedures and registration freeze (taking leave) status of those who are accepted to the graduate programs in the Spring Semester and cannot be exempted in the preparatory class. Click here: Senate Decision

The language of instruction at our institute is 100% English. After the announcement of the application results to the graduate programs, only the candidates who are accepted to the programs will be asked to enter information on the LUBES English exemption status on the application system.
If s/he is going to take the exam, there will be fields where s/he will indicate that s/he will “take the exam”, and if there is an exemption document, s/he will upload the document. Those who want to be exempt from the preparatory class, among the accepted candidates, have to upload the documents that comply with the preparatory class exemption conditions. Candidates who meet the exemption requirement and do not meet the exemption requirement will be announced by the School of Foreign Languages ​​through the application system.

Those who are accepted to the Engineering Business Second Education Non-Thesis Master’s Program and/or Software Engineering Data Sciences Second Education Non-Thesis Master’s Program must fulfill at least one of the foreign language exemption requirements or be successful in the IZTECH School of Foreign Languages ​​English placement exam. English preparatory education is not available for those who do not meet at least one of the exemption conditions or fail the English placement test.

All kinds of information are published in our web page announcements.

NOTE: Registration procedures are carried out by the Students’ Affairs Office.